The 2023 Student Association (SA) elections will be held on March 12 on B-Engaged. Pipe Dream is committed to keeping the student body informed throughout the process. This page will be updated as more news or other content related to the elections comes in.


SA E-Board and BU Council representative endorsements, 2023-2024


Student Association confirms 2023-24 election results

SA election results remain unofficial as grievances are processed

SA candidates debate platforms and policies

Candidate Platforms

Our News team sent questionnaires to all 15 candidates on the ballot, asking about their platforms and what makes them deserving of students’ votes.


Platform: Ben So, Presidential Candidate

Platform: Galileo Savage, Presidential Candidate

Platform: Elisheva Ezor, Presidential Candidate

Platform: Logan Blakeslee, Presidential Candidate

Platform: Anindya Debnath, Presidential Candidate

Executive Vice President (EVP)

Platform: Chance Fiorisi, EVP Candidate

Vice President for Finance (VPF)

Platform: Daniel Croce, VPF Candidate

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs (VPMA)

Platform: Adejo Ibrahim, VPMA Candidate

Platform: Krizia Yao, VPMA Candidate

Platform: Khalimah Choi Owens, VPMA Candidate

Vice President for Programming (VPP)

Platform: Sydney Ferreira, VPP Candidate

Vice President for Student Success (VPSS)

Platform: Luca Cassidy, VPSS Candidate

BU Council Representative

Platform: Sophia Yazdi, BU Council Representative Candidate

Platform: Victoria Barics, BU Council Representative Candidate

Platform: Nora Monasheri, BU Council Representative Candidate