Adejo Ibrahim is a sophomore majoring in economics.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or career plans for the future?

“My name is Adejo Ibrahim. I am a sophomore majoring in economics. I am a part of the public relations for three organizations, the Men of Color Scholastic Society, the VPMA Office and the SA President’s Cabinet. I have an interview series called Adejo on the Spine on the SA President’s instagram page. In my free time I like to bowl with my friends. My future plans include being a part of the marketing for an NBA team and opening my own marketing consulting firm.”

2. Why did you decide to run for this SA E-Board position?

“I decided to run for this position because I want to be able to make an impact on campus and I feel this position would give me the opportunity to influence a community that I am active in. This position gives me the ability to learn about organizations I am not currently a part of and help those that I have already partaken in.”

3. What is your platform?

“My platform is based around creating unity among the organizations on campus. I want to improve communication between organizations by giving them more ways to know what is going on internally and more channels to communicate in an informal, relaxed setting. I also want to increase the knowledge students have of organizations through promotion and large cultural events.”

4. Why should students vote for you?

“Students should vote for me because everything I do is for them and I am open to their criticisms and suggestions. I want to create a campus that everyone can have an enjoyable experience on no matter where they come from. I am someone that is seen and not afraid of the limelight and everything that comes with it. I will be an active member on campus, as a SA representative and as a student.”