Nora Monasheri is a senior majoring in business administration.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or career plans for the future?

“I credit my drive for the [Binghamton University] community to being a first-generation American and college student. My extensive experience with SA ranges from being the multicultural vice president of Newing College, to the Financial Committee and currently as the travel assistant for the [vice president for finance (VPF)]. Some other involvements include being the president of the Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Club, [a] Road Map Intern in President Stenger’s office and a Student Ambassador. In my free time, I like to go for walks and volunteer at a local nursing home for my friend Ruth!”

2. Why did you decide to run for this SA E-Board position?

“Representing students has been my goal since the moment I started [at BU], and as each year passes, more students are represented. I went from serving prospective students by being a panelist for sessions with prospective students, to serving undergrads and SA groups on the Financial Committee. Hence running for BU Council [Representative] will only further my efforts by representing students at all levels, both undergraduate and graduate. This will continue the efforts I’ve made to make [BU] to be more inclusive and advocated for than when I arrived!”

3. What is your platform?

“My first emphasis is on advocacy, where I aim to forge a clearer line of connection between the students and the administration with decisions, issues and policies. As the founder of the Road Map Internship, I have the privilege to work with President Stenger in his office, and as BU Council [Representative], the relationship as a bridge-builder for students will only strengthen from here. My second emphasis is on an established committee, where students will preview some projects and grasp the crucial work done at BU. This will ultimately prepare for the longevity of the role — serving to continue the representative’s ideas in succeeding years, and ultimately making sure the right leaders are in place. For my third pillar of inclusivity, I aim to address this by advocating for mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion guidelines in all syllabi for professors and in all policies held by the University. This will cultivate an environment where students not only feel supported intellectually and academically but also extend a sense of belonging in the classroom beyond any means.”

4. Why should students vote for you?

“I don’t just promise, I pursue. I have the knowledge, experience and sincere care for every student at [BU], both [undergraduate] and graduate, to be your next BU Council [Representative]. Being the president of the Iranian Association, a cross-listed undergrad and grad club, helped me obtain a niche understanding of different needs across the board for our students. I believe I developed a proven track record as a capable student leader. As ‘Nora the Explorer,’ I will explore all points on the map to ensure that students’ voices are thoroughly heard and represented. I am devoted to fighting for advocacy, an established committee and inclusivity and look forward to the opportunity to do so if elected!”