Anindya Debnath is a junior double-majoring in economics and political science.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or career plans for the future?

“I’m the current Student Association Vice President for Student Success, Vice-Chair of Harpur College Council, board-member of the Campus Citizens Review Board, member of the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce’s Placemaking Advisory Committee, sole undergraduate student representative of the Binghamton University Faculty Senate as well as the Budget Review Committee, and a couple of other positions on campus. Outside of my involvement on campus, I was the lead intern for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Appointments this past summer. After college, I plan to pursue a career in public service, whether that be through government or nonprofit organizations.”

2. Why did you decide to run for this SA E-Board position?

“I decided to run for president because I wholeheartedly believe a life worth living is one serving others. Last year, I ran because of the frustration I felt towards a system I didn’t believe was properly serving us. We are known as a ‘Premier Public University,’ yet our services are nowhere near deserving of such praise. As an immigrant, I understand the feeling of being overlooked — that my needs aren’t a priority for anyone in a position to make a change. I remind myself of that feeling everyday and it’s what drives me to make our campus better for everyone.”

3. What is your platform?

“My platform is simple — you can’t have student success without student happiness, you can’t have student life without student organizations and you can’t have a premier institution without diversity. Every year the trust [the University Counseling Center] has with the student body diminishes, and it’s up to us to make our counseling needs [the administration’s] focus. We must support our student [organizations] through grants that provide needed funds. Most importantly, we need to uphold a diverse and inclusive student community by embedding it into every policy decision and change. If we don’t speak up for our needs, no one will.”

4. Why should students vote for you?

“I have a proven track record in working with the administration to accomplish policy initiatives otherwise thought to be impossible by the SA. Through my creation of the BU Brainiacs program, students can now be trained by Harpur Advising to assist students navigating BU Brain, Degreeworks, and other University resources. I’ve worked with the Muslim Student Association and University leadership to provide dietary support for students celebrating Ramadan, as well as successfully advocated for the rehaul of our Religious Accommodation Policy. I’ve continuously made the needs of the overlooked a priority and will continue to do so as President.”