The election for next year’s Binghamton University Council representative and Student Association Executive Board will be held Sunday, March 18 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Every year, Pipe Dream publishes questionnaire responses from each candidate on the ballot, as well as endorsements representing a majority vote of our Executive Board. This page will be updates as more news or other content related to the election comes in.

Candidate Platforms

The News Desk sent questionnaires to all 14 candidates on the ballot, asking them about their backgrounds, platforms and visions for the campus community.


President: Chance Fiorisi

President: McKenzie Skrastins

President: Christopher Ribaric

Executive Vice President (EVP)

Executive Vice President: Batia Rabin

Vice President for Finance (VPF)

Vice President for Finance: Caitlin McMahon

Vice President for Finance: Jonathan Gee

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs (VPMA)

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs: Krizia Yao

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs: Najat Hussein

Vice President for Programming (VPP)

Vice President for Programming: Siriki Doumbia

Vice President for Programming: Ryan Miller

Vice President for Programming: Atticus Fauci

Vice President for Student Success (VPSS)

Vice President for Student Success: Luca Cassidy

Vice President for Student Success: Jules Verrino

BU Council Representative

BU Council Representative: Mackenzie Cooper

SA Endorsements

Pipe Dream’s SA Endorsements