Siriki Doumbia, a senior majoring in business administration, is one of three candidates on the ballot for the Student Association’s (SA) vice president for programming (VPP) — an office that chairs the Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) and offers guidance for students planning events. His responses to Pipe Dream’s questionnaire have been edited for clarity.

1. Why did you decide to run for this SA E-Board position? 

Even though I really enjoyed my first year being part of [SA Programming Board (SAPB)], I felt like we could do a better job of making minorities feel more comfortable at our events. In fact, I have plenty of times noticed students showing up at our events, look around and end up leaving for whatever reason it may be. Even though I understand that Binghamton University is a [predominantly white institution], I think that as the primary event organizer on campus, it is our job to make sure that all communities on campus feel comfortable at our events.

2. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or career plans for the future? 

My name is Siriki Doumbia, and I am from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Currently, I am a senior majoring in business administration. When I’m not studying or working, I actively participate in various campus organizations and committees like SAPB, [the] African Student Organization and the [School of Management] Dean’s Student Advisory Committee just to name a few. Beyond academics and extracurriculars, I have a passion for sports, particularly soccer and basketball.

3. Describe your platform in a succinct way. 

My campaign is centered around three core principles — diversity, inclusivity and trust. I am convinced that by prioritizing these principles, we can create events that appeal to and engage everyone on campus. Furthermore, I aim to leverage my existing connections to collaborate more closely with minority organizations, fostering stronger partnerships and amplifying diverse voices. Lastly, while I was collecting the 250 signatures required to get on the ballot, a recurring theme I encountered was the lack of trust students had toward SAPB. I am committed to rebuilding this trust by diligently addressing student concerns and hosting events that resonate with their preferences and interests.

4. How does your background influence what you are able to offer the campus community? 

I come from a family where my parents had to take risks and move out of their comfort zones to be able to provide a better life for my siblings and me. So, growing up in that environment, we were always taught to make a positive impact wherever we found ourselves. By running for this position, I hope to inspire individuals from similar backgrounds to actively participate in the [SA], where we can collectively drive positive change.

5. What is your favorite restaurant in Binghamton? 

Though I don’t eat out that often, I love wings, and my favorite place to get wings from in Binghamton is The Old Union Hotel.