Jonathan Gee, a junior double-majoring in economics and integrative neuroscience, is one of two candidates on the ballot for the Student Association’s (SA) vice president for finance (VPF) — an office responsible for setting financial policy and approving large expenses and organizational expenditures. His responses to Pipe Dream’s questionnaire have been edited for clarity.

1. Why did you decide to run for this SA E-Board position? 

I’ve decided to run for the office of [VPF] because I feel through this office, I can make a real impact on campus. Another factor in my decision is the current VPF, Daniel Croce. I started to closely work with the SA office my sophomore year as the comptroller for the ESCAPE Bus Company and as the treasurer for the Binghamton Bowling Club on campus. I do so even more now this year as the executive director for ESCAPE. Through his guidance, he has helped me succeed in my positions and helped me grow as a person via interpersonal relationships and overall management. I want to give back more to this community than it has given me and through this position, I can make that effective impact on clubs and therefore, the whole community.

2. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or career plans for the future? 

A bit about myself, I’m a junior double-majoring in integrative neuroscience and economics. I am also a pre-med student and before hopefully attending medical school, I want to take a gap year and obtain my [master’s of business administration] with a concentration in finance. On campus, I am a student support assistant, one of the new live-in positions, with Residential Life working in Hinman College. I’m also a first year peer success coach with the department for student transition and success working with first year, spring-admit and transfer students to help them acclimate to campus. As I alluded to earlier, I am currently the executive director for the ESCAPE Bus Company. Although I am not currently involved on the E-Board for the Binghamton Bowling Club, I’m still an active member as I consider bowling to be a hobby of mine. Outside of my involvement on campus, I’m currently in the process of becoming an emergency medical technician, and I’ve recently taken fitness as another hobby of mine.

3. Describe your platform in a succinct way. 

My platform can be described with three main focuses — effectiveness, communication and inclusivity. I want to make sure that clubs’ and organizations’ needs are met effectively and efficiently. Communication is another focus as I want to make sure that clubs and organizations are always informed of things going on in the SA and on campus. I plan to send weekly recaps that are brief and effective with keeping all clubs and organizations informed of happenings across the SA and campus. My last focus is on inclusivity as I feel anyone and everyone should have their voices heard. I aim to connect with each club and organization periodically throughout the semester to answer any questions and to have their voices heard. My office will always be open for conversation.

4. How does your background influence what you are able to offer the campus community? 

As a double-major in integrative neuroscience and economics, I am exposed to an extremely diverse environment on campus. My background in economics and finance will help me ensure that the SA and all clubs and organizations within are operating efficiently and effectively financially. With my background in neuroscience and health care, I have a deeper understanding of the culture between pre-med students and the necessity of Harpur’s Ferry on campus for the Binghamton community. I would use my understanding when helping clubs with a focus in medicine and when helping Harpur’s Ferry meet organizational needs. Overall, I think that these two distinguishable majors help to provide me with a very unique background and view of issues on campus and this in turn gives me great direction for taking on those issues.

5. What is your favorite restaurant in Binghamton? 

My favorite restaurant [in] Binghamton is Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge. I love the variety on the menu, with the rigatoni ala vodka being my favorite dish. One can truly appreciate the vibes the restaurant gives off and the staff there is great as always.