Welcome to Pipe Dream’s annual Sex Issue!

This year, we feature a diverse range of content from serious conversations about discrimination and historical abuses of sexuality, to fun analyses and lists of Valentine’s related content. In this issue, you can find Q&A’s with professors and campus organizations, as well as features on resources available in the Binghamton area. Some more fun articles feature rankings of love-focused TV shows and movies and a ranking of chocolate.

Editor’s note: This issue includes some content related to sexual assault and harassment that may be triggering for some readers.




A Q&A with BAAC’s Abbey Scherer

Abbey Scherer, who founded Binghamton University Abortion Advocacy Coalition, discussed the club’s mission and goals surrounding abortion rights.

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Sex representation in modern media

Once widely understood in the world of film marketing, the phrase “sex sells” seems to no longer be a guarantee.

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Q Center supports LGBTQ+ community at BU

The Q Center offers support and resources for Binghamton’s LGBTQ+ community.

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A guide to dating in Binghamton

12 Binghamton locations for an ideal date that are in compliance with a student friendly budget.

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A look into the most popular dating apps

Dating apps are the cupid of the digital age, so here is a thorough breakdown of the most commonly used platforms.

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A comprehensive guide to the five love languages

From acts of service to quality time, find out what love language suits you best for both giving and receiving.

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Your Valentine’s Day sitcom guide

A complete guide to a few of the funniest and most romantic Valentine’s Day themed episodes of television’s classic sitcoms.

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Feminist films for an empowering Galentine’s Day

Whether you channel your inner Elle Woods or Wonder Woman, these movies are bound to elicit a strong sense of comedic feminist pride.

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Ranking a Valentine’s chocolate box

From frosting-esque strawberry filling to vanilla creme-filled bites, here’s an empirical ranking of a Russell Stover chocolate box.

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