Sean Reichbach, Opinions Editor, senior, philosophy, politics & law and economics double-major

“I Feel It Coming” by the Weeknd

Honestly, the song’s title explains everything you need to know. The lyrics are smooth and remind you of what you’re about to get into. The voice of the Weeknd is always the perfect transition into another plane of existence. It makes you feel more confident in yourself, especially if you sing along.

Emmanuel Fuentes, Assistant Business Manager, junior, business administration major

“Pony” by Ginuwine

Have you ever watched “Magic Mike?” Why wouldn’t you want a fine looking man giving you the work while you can pretend that he’s Channing Tatum. I may not have abs, but I’m confident.

Brandon Ng, News Editor, junior, economics & history double-major

“Murder on the Dancefloor” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I haven’t seen “Saltburn” yet, so I’m not yet “scarred” by the association. It makes me feel energetic and confident.

Julie Ha, Assistant Opinions Editor, junior, Comparative Literature and English double-major

Sometimes in Sleep by M.I.J.

M.I.J. was a three-piece emo band from the late 90s … what’s more to say? Jeff Hanson’s voice on this track takes on a warm whisper similar to that of Elliott Smith and is just so sweet and romantic. Honestly, any song from the album “The Radio Goodnight” would make a great sex song as the entire album could almost be a lengthy sexual innuendo — “Right Downtown,” “Do You Miss?” and “Again Today” — but, if you’re looking for some emo that isn’t so abrasive nor devastating, Sometimes in Sleep’s acoustics will have you crying happy tears (at least) during sex.

Nathan Sommer, junior, history and Latin American and Caribbean Studies double-major

“You Suffer (Napalm Death)” by Spazz

In a similar vein to Usher’s early 2000s stuff, Spazz are perfect for a steamy Valentine’s date night. Nothing screams intimacy quite like death at the hands of a mixture of a gelling agent and a volatile petrochemical. Chris Dodge’s serenading vocals give you the courage to explore and experiment — just make sure to follow Hirax Max’s tempo. By the end of this song, one of us is sure to be pleasured.

Christian Bongiorno, sophomore, political science major

“Fever” by Peggy Lee

Classic song, what’s there to say? Peggy’s vocals make it feel like she’s luring you into bed with her while the cello represents the “warm up.” The lyric “You give me fever when you kiss me” indicates feelings of high arousement, in other words, making you feel, you know, horny. The song has that jazzy style that makes you picture a scene where someone is flirting with you in a 1940s NYC Mafia Bar. While this song doesn’t align with Gen Z’s milieu, your grandparents were most likely slow dancing to this at their HS prom. If you want visions of sex, give Fever a listen.

Jordan Ori, sophomore, English major

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

This sultry song is a you know what classic. Its melodic, hypnotizing, and sensual vocals make it a sonic eargasm. Although it is a slower song, it evokes feelings of red lights and long nights. If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a dirty 90s movie, this is the song for you.

Nicolas Scagnelli, senior, English major

Positions by Ariana Grande

Yeah, this song might not be RnB or what you immediately think of when you wanna get down, but hey, it’s a banger. The song is funny because it’s a blatant double entendre. Grande wants to be a supportive and helpful lover by “jumping through hoops” and being “in the kitchen” for her partner. But also, the lyrics literally are talking about switching positions. Very funny. It’s a very cutesy song though. It isn’t one of those super smutty and dirty tracks. This is the kind of song you can bump in the car with your grandma in the passenger seat, and there will be a 50/50 chance she’ll say something suspect. Alright maybe the grandma analogy wasn’t the way to go but you get what I mean. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.