With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, purchasing chocolate boxes is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Whether you want to find the perfect combination for a significant other, or you want to treat yourself or a friend, finding the best chocolate arrangement is important.

Russell Stover is one of the biggest names in chocolate boxing, so we took it upon ourselves to analyze one of their offerings for this year. Below we have delved into each flavor, and we hope this comprehensive taste test gives you the needed information when purchasing chocolate.

No. 6 Caramel

Let us be blunt. This milk chocolate caramel with a dark chocolate drizzle was horrendous. For one, the ratio of caramel to chocolate was quite off-putting. There was a thick layer of chocolate on top, and yet a barely visible layer of chocolate on the bottom. However, we could not even taste this poorly structured chocolate because the caramel was so thick and chewy. The flavor of the caramel was somehow both milder than your average caramel yet overpowering enough to mask the chocolate taste. We struggled to swallow this mound of what felt like a melted starburst. When picking out chocolates this year, avoid this caramel at all costs!

No. 5 Nut Caramel

The biggest issue with this nut caramel was the fact that it could kill Bella. She has a tree nut allergy, and the chocolate descriptions failed to mention what nuts were featured in this nut caramel. That took it down a peg.

However, Lia still tried the chocolate and found it way more delightful than the other caramel abomination. The biggest difference with this one was it was made with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate — that is a fact. So, this treat had an edge. Furthermore, the caramel in this treat was lighter, making it easier to eat. Had it not been a literal lick of death for Bella, nut caramel would be higher on the list.

No. 4 Strawberry Creme

We love strawberries and chocolate. We did not love this chocolate. Mainly, this chocolate was not strawberry creme — it was just pink! Being pink gives an obvious advantage to any piece of dessert, so having it this low on the list should tell you something.

The strawberry flavored creme was overly sweet and tasted like the frosting you would find in a can. The creme was mixed with milk chocolate, so the sweetness doubled, making the chocolate too overpowering. We could only really take one bite before our taste buds started buzzing from a sugar high. And yet, this chocolate was chewable and safe for Bella, so it ranks above the other two.

No. 3 Peanut Cluster

Bella can eat peanuts, and we are finally entering good chocolate territory! This candy was like if a peanut M&M had a much different chocolate-to-peanut ratio. Shaped like a fancy Reese’s, this chocolate provided a good crunch and saltiness to a previously overly sweet box of chocolate.

Would we reach for this chocolate if given a plate of 100 really delicious chocolates? No. Would we reach for this chocolate if given this box of chocolate? Eventually.

No. 2 Chocolate Buttercream

This chocolate surprised us in a great way. Have you ever had a chocolate ice cream sundae with Oreos and chocolate fudge and chocolate sprinkles with chocolate whipped cream (and maybe a cherry)? That is what this chocolate was like. You have to like chocolate.

Bella and I like chocolate.

The creme was thicker than the other creams in the box, and the sweetness of the milk chocolate actually worked in this scenario because the fudgy middle was so rich. This dessert really committed to the name “piece of chocolate,” and we were not mad about it at all.

No. 1 Vanilla Creme

This was our favorite by far! While we had leftover bites from every piece in this box, we finished this piece immediately. For one, it was dark chocolate! That automatically puts it close to the top. Furthermore, the vanilla creme was light and sweet, resembling a marshmallow in the best way. The bitterness of the chocolate complimented this sugary middle, creating the perfect combination. Out of 100 chocolates, we would reach for this one, and you should too.

Life is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you are going to get. But if life was this box of chocolates, we can tell you you will get a mediocre six flavors. While two of the flavors were wonderfully delicious, the rest did not wow us at best, and made our jaws and hearts hurt at worst. When looking for a chocolate box this year, maybe try a different brand.