We are proud to present Pipe Dream’s 2017 Sex Issue. Over 1,100 students answered our survey, and were open and honest with us. From kinks and fetishes to favorite unorthodox sex locations, our respondents bore it all. Throughout this issue you’ll find topics ranging from wrestling-related sex positions to Binghamton’s drag scene. Like every year, we learned a lot and gained insight into the sex lives of students on campus. We learned that not everyone is doing it, even though it may seem like it. Many students are virgins, and others reported losing their virginity toward the end of their college careers. And in terms of one-night stands, they aren’t happening nearly as much as it may seem. We also learned there are a lot of unsatisfied customers out there — many students reported that they wished their partner would pay more attention to their own pleasure, and vice versa. But that’s just the beginning, and you might even see one of your own crazy stories inside. There’s plenty to see, so flip through our pages and check it out. Opinions