The majority of Pipe Dream’s sex survey respondents — 66.7 percent — admitted to bearing all for the camera and sending a nude photo. Whether it’s through Snapchat, iMessage, text or social media, Binghamton University students are getting down in the DMs.

First of all, there are two key rules to follow before hitting the send button. The first and most important: confidence. If you don’t feel it, fake it for the photo. People frequently stress about whether or not they are taking “good” naked photos, and the reality is that if the person you’re sending them to wants to see you in your birthday suit; they already find you attractive. Remember that, because realizing that you turn someone else on can help you feel more comfortable and overthink less.

The second rule of thumb is more practical — leave your face out of it. Let’s face it: your face isn’t what they’re looking for. If the person you are sending photos to wants to admire your smile, they’d check your Facebook, or your Instagram, or they’d FaceTime you or utilize literally any other medium. The reality is that while you’re hopefully sending pictures to someone who won’t share them with the world, you never know. And even if their intentions are good, you never know when your steady hookup is letting friends borrow their phone or leaving their social media logged in on someone else’s computer.

But the plus side is that you don’t have to worry about what your face looks like in the picture. Do you smile? Grimace uncomfortably? Make eye contact with the camera or look away? Now, you can avoid this dilemma altogether, while staying anonymous if things go awry.

Now for the actual picture, you have options. Read your audience, and think about what you are trying to highlight. If you’re looking to show off how many squats you’ve been doing at the gym, try angling the camera below your butt to get the full effect of your curves. If you’re looking to send a classic dick pic, we recommend you leave out an awkward object for size reference and keep it classy. There are references devoted to just this — — so we’ll leave the details to the experts.

Sometimes, you just want to go all-in. For both guys and girls, pick a flattering pose that is both subtle and sexy. Identify your favorite assets, such as your perky boobs or defined adonis belt muscles (the defined V-shape some guys have on their lower abs). Start by focusing on the parts of yourself that you are proud of, and the rest of the pose will fall into place.

Bonus tip: If you’re trying to send a picture on the go, perhaps to entice a late-night booty call, use a photo-secure app such as Keepsafe so that you can always have a photo on hand. But, if all else fails and you’re caught high and dry, we’ve heard that the bathrooms in The Rathskeller have great lighting. Nothing sets the mood like someone puking in the neighboring stall.