It’s not uncommon to see a picture of two people wrestling and think, “That really looks like sex.” You might have even seen such a picture and been inspired to try a new move with your partner. If this sounds like you, here are a selection of spicy wrestling moves to up your relationship. We’ve adapted them from the mat and the ring and moved them over to the bedroom.

Cradle Ride

There are many variations of the cradle move out there, but the common thread between them is that they are a combination of spooning and hitting it doggy-style. To start, one partner should be on their hands and knees, while the other partner positions themself at a slight angle toward the back of the first partner. After sliding in, try raising and lowering your bodies together. For a position and feel that is most similar to wrestling, lower your bodies as close to the bed or floor as you can.

Banana Split

From the cradle ride, try moving into the banana split. Roll over and start with one partner lying on top of the other like you are spooning but facing up. If you’re on top, wrap one leg around your partner and have them hold the other folded up against your chest. It’ll be a tight squeeze but once you are in position, they should enter you from behind. Having difficulties? Arch your back at different angles or modify leg positioning.

Camel Clutch

This isn’t so much of a move as it is a hold, but either way, it can easily transition to the bedroom. Start lying facedown and have your partner straddle you in a semi-seated position. They should pull up your shoulders to arch your back as they slide in. To add extra support, wrap your arms around their legs with your upper arms resting on their thighs.

Reverse Boston Crab

This one has to be adapted a lot because of human physiology, but even with our changes it’s still very similar to a move you might see on the mat. Lay on your stomach with knees bent and feet in the air and have your partner stand over you with one foot on either side of your body. They should squat down to enter you, and then once inside, your partner should straighten their legs while holding yours by the ankle (or closer to the hip if that is easier).


The screwdriver is basically a standing version of the 69 position, so it requires one partner to have a lot of upper-body strength. Both of you should start off standing and your partner (or whoever is stronger) should pick you up around the waist so that your feet are in the air and your body alignment is belly to belly. Wrap your arms around your partner’s waist, and have them wrap their arms around yours. There might need to be some shifting of heights to line things up. There are many variations to this move if neither of you has the necessary strength to lift up the other. Instead of sticking your legs straight up in the air, bend them at the knees and rest them on a sturdy surface. If that even seems like too much work, you can turn the whole thing horizontal and go for some classic, mutual oral sex.