When talking about sex on campus, safe sex must be addressed. Of the people who responded to the sex survey, 61.2 percent said they always use protection, but of those who do use protection, an overwhelming majority make condoms their go-to.

Condoms are free from a variety of places, such as Decker Student Health Services Center, Real Education About College Health (REACH) and the Rainbow Pride Union — as well as Family Planning of South Central New York located in Downtown Binghamton — so there really is no excuse for not using them. So, what are the options and what should be avoided?

LifeStyles Condoms: These are the most common condoms you’ll see around campus. These come in most of the free packs you get throughout your college career, starting with orientation giveaways and continuing through Marketplace and REACH handouts. Pretty standard in nature, they are frequently given the reputation for breaking more easily than their name-brand counterparts. There’s the possibility that since they’re readily available and easy to get ahold of, they are used by some who may not be well versed in proper condom application. They also might not be the right size for the guy in question.

But they also could have been laying around for a while, exposed to the elements or just plain flimsier. They are definitely better than nothing, but be extra conscientious when using them.

Trojan Brand Condoms: Trojan Brand Condoms are also frequently available, but they are slightly less easy to come by across on campus. These are pretty standard, and your average user will have few to no complaints. They come in a variety of types, ranging in thickness, lube-type and ribbing, but pretty much any of them will do the job when you’re trying to get down and get it in.

Trojan Brand Condoms’ Magnum Condoms: Magnum Condoms are made by Trojan and are meant for the more well-endowed walking among us. These can be harder to find around campus, and their rarity means they should only be left for those who truly need them. When a condom is too small, not only can it split more easily but it can also cut off necessary circulation and cause discomfort. People commonly complain about condoms breaking, but there is just as much of a risk if you use a condom that is too big. Don’t try and impress your partner by pulling out a Magnum to show off; if you don’t need it, it will quickly become apparent, and if it slips off mid-intercourse you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

Miscellaneous: Glow-in-the-dark condoms can be dangerous. For all our heterosexual friends doing the deed, it is important to be aware that vaginas are easily disturbed ecosystems. Any extra chemicals down there, combined with friction, can lead to some nasty irritation or infections. And as for flavored condoms; sugar is a favorite diet staple for yeast.

That being said, boys aren’t safe here either. One of our sex survey respondents told us a horrific story where they used a “Fire & Ice” Condom, which ended up burning their urethra and completely ruining the mood. Proceed with caution. And if you really want to see what’s going on so badly that you want your penis to glow, just get freaky with the lights on.