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No. 13 Cornell defeats men's lacrosse, 17-10, exposes room for growth

The Binghamton men’s lacrosse team ended up playing its first scheduled road game of the season in Binghamton on Tuesday, but couldn’t capitalize on its home-city advantage. The Bearcats lost, 17-10, to 13th-ranked Cornell despite finding offensive production from eight different players.



Editorial: Breast Intentions

It’s wonderful that the University designated a space for these women, but at the same time, these mothers’ concerns speak to an underlying stigma against public lactation.


NASCAR drivers deserve respect

Drivers are constantly working with their spotters, crew chiefs, pit crews and even other drivers to employ countless strategies to help them or their teammates win a race. Most of the fun of watching NASCAR comes from watching the drama unfold between two or more drivers passing, blocking or working with one another.

Jeb Bush team is more of the same

While it is certainly important for Bush to surround himself with people that have enough experience to guide him should he become president, surrounding himself with a group of advisers who also served his brother and father makes it difficult for him to argue that he is independent of them.

Kardashians are not role models

While chasing what can be considered a lofty dream should by no means be discouraged, hoping to become models or beauty queens like Kendall and Kylie without being willing to put in the work can be a recipe for disaster.