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For best test results, experts advise a full night's rest

By Alexis Hatcher -

Professor Meredith Coles and psychology Ph.D. candidate Jacob Nota found that sleeping habits, such as how many hours the person sleeps and what time they fall asleep, can lead to an increase in negative thoughts similar to those produced by anxiety disorders, impairing the student’s well-being and ability to absorb information.

Michael Sugarman/Contributing Photographer

Hundreds rush for early graduation

Emilie Leroy -

With tuition, fees and housing, costing in-state students $22,000 per year and thousands more for out of state students, many look to save money by graduating early.




Miriam Geiger/ Editorial Artist

Fall 2014 Report Card

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: sleeping in Bartle, pretending to study and slipping on ice. Also, you get to read Pipe Dream’s fall report card, in which the Editorial Board evaluates the performance of some people and institutions on campus. Our gift to you.



2014 in Review

The thing with years is that they mean something different for everyone. Sometimes they’re the culmination of waiting 12 years for “Boyhood” to be finished and beloved, and sometimes they’re the ending of “How I Met Your Mother.” Here’s what we thought were the cultural highlights of 2014.