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Paige Gittelman/ Editorial Artist

The Price of Prestige

It’s no secret that the cost of college tuition is increasing exponentially in our country. The decision by the UC Board of Regents is particularly disturbing because of the system’s many parallels to SUNY, and the situation hits a little close to home.


Stop censoring Cosby's victims

Imagine your assailant being loved by many, protected by his prestige and affluence. Imagine attempting to share your story and being met with doubt and suspicion because the person you are accusing is well regarded by the media and public

University must cull deer to protect student health

The only feasible solution is to substantially cull the deer. This would entail hiring a private company, such as the one led by a former marine sniper with a Ph.D. in wildlife biology, to painlessly and mercifully end the lives of 90 percent of the deer. The usable portions of the deceased deer would be donated to local charities.


Send friends money in a snap

The validity of Snapcash’s security should definitely be the first question on everybody’s mind, as Snapchat has come under fire in the past when people discovered that the app never actually deletes the vanishing photos.