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Men's basketball head coach Dempsey receives two-year contract extension

Binghamton men’s basketball head coach Tommy Dempsey has had his contract extended through the 2018-19 season, Director of Athletics Patrick Elliott announced Thursday. The two-year extension comes in the middle of Dempsey’s original five-year contract, signed in 2012, and will not alter any of its terms and conditions.



Paige Gittelman/Editorial Artist

Editorial: Dropped Mic, Dropped Ball

The two options that seem possible are that his staff did not prepare him, or that he chose not to discuss the material with which his staff prepared him. Both are damning.


Anxiety is not easily treated

The moment I bring up my excessive worrying everyone else has already ordered a season pass to join the OCD club because, hey, everyone has anxiety, right? Empty reminders to just “chill out” and “stop worrying so much” are tossed around as passive-aggressive punchlines because others fail to realize my anxiety doesn’t take vacations.

Tale of a college braceface

If you have braces, embrace them. If you have a retainer, wear it. If you had braces, then thank your parents for being on top of their stuff. But mostly, screw what everyone else thinks. Do what you need to do to, because straight teeth are waiting on the other side.


Restaurant Week Spring 2015: On the Roxx Bar & Grill

The cuisine could be described as American-contemporary, with clear Italian influence. From the homemade gnocchi to the succulent stuffed pork loin, the layers of flavor are complex and the portions substantial.