Chance Fiorisi, a junior majoring in political science, announced his resignation as Student Association (SA) executive vice president (EVP) in an email sent to all chartered organizations Tuesday night.

The position will be filled in the interim by Andie Schwartz, a junior majoring in human development who served as the office’s executive assistant.

In the email, Fiorisi thanked the campus community and said he had not expected to leave the SA in this way. He ran for president in last month’s SA elections, coming in second to McKenzie Skrastins, the current president’s chief of staff and a sophomore double-majoring in mathematics and an individualized major in data science. Fiorisi has been involved in student government since his freshman year, serving in the SA Congress before his election to the EVP position in the spring of 2023.

“My last message to all of you is this, please remember to be kind to those around you,” Fiorisi’s email read. “Your friends, mentors, colleagues and professional acquaintances all deserve respect and kindness, the same way you do.”

Attached to the email was a mental health brochure and a line advising people to leave a space that feels unsafe due to mistreatment or harassment.

“I made this decision for myself,” Fiorisi wrote in an emailed statement to Pipe Dream. “I saw very clear differences with how certain aspects of the workplace environment operated within the SA. For my own personal sake, I needed to remove myself from this situation as I wanted to continue the personal progress I had made with my mental health during my medical leave last month.”

He added that the true reason for his departure was “very complex.” The emailed statement mentioned the SA’s workplace culture and environment several times.

In a joint statement about the organizational changes, the SA’s E-Board extended their gratitude for Fiorisi’s contributions and praised Schwartz’s appointment.

“We are confident that [Schwartz] will continue to uphold the standards of excellence set by the [SA] and lead us forward during this transition period,” they wrote.

The EVP office is responsible for the administration of the B-Engaged platform and all non-financial oversight of the SA’s subsidiary organizations. Schwartz will fill the role for the remainder of this academic year, and she said she was chosen because of her extensive experience in the office.

“I think that with my strong presence in the office — I have two other jobs working in the office — I know the SA very well,” Schwartz said. “Working alongside [Fiorisi for the past nine months], I’m ready to step up to the role and to the plate.” (recording 1:50)

As part of her EVP duties, Schwartz will facilitate the training of Batia Rabin, the newly-elected EVP and a sophomore majoring in philosophy, politics and law. Rabin wished Fiorisi well and elaborated on the office’s transition process.

“Since [Schwartz] will be taking over for the last month of the semester, she can help me transition into my role as EVP for next year,” Rabin wrote in an email. “I will be working alongside her for this last month to make sure that I know what to do and that I can support her for any help she may need.”