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U.S. Congressman describes road from BU to D.C.

Notable Binghamton University alumni have pursued careers in as many fields as there are potholes on Riverside Drive. Only one, however, has gone on to represent the Americans in Congress. Brooklyn native...


Broome County cracks down on drunk driving with STOP-DWI

Out of the 62 counties in New York state, Broome County had the second-highest conviction rate for cases of people driving while intoxicated (DWI). And according to law enforcement, that’s a good...


Merlin’s to shut its doors after over a decade on Court Street

Downtown Binghamton is going through a growth spurt, with restaurants and stores cropping up left and right. However, one cultural institution on Court Street will be shutting its doors this weekend. Merlin’s,...


Restaurant Week, Fall 2015: Remlik's

The leftover marinara from my appetizer proved very useful when the server brought over a basket of bread. Not just any bread, though — garlic knots, and better than any that I’ve ...


Discover prime seating for outdoor eating in Binghamton

This place has a grilled cheese flight — a sampler platter of different kinds of gourmet grilled cheeses with tomato soup — as well as truffle butter mac & cheese. ...


Binghamton University adds 81 new professors to kick off 2015-2016 school year

The freshmen crowding Lecture Hall 1 are not the only unfamiliar faces around campus; the professor at the head of the room may be just as new. Since 2011, Binghamton University has...


Johnson City facility not chosen to receive medical marijuana license

The New York State Department of Health named the facilities that will receive the five licenses to grow and dispense medical marijuana – and the Johnson City-based facility was not one of...

Science & Research

Pharmacy School may partner with proposed dispensary for medical marijuana research

Salus Scientific plans to set up shop in the Southern Tier and partner with BU’s pharmacy school for research if chosen. ...

Science & Research

Brainwaves may unlock future of cyber security

Each participant’s signals were different, to the point that they could be distinguished from each other with 94 percent accuracy. ...

Campus News

Sharing stories of adversity, students get a chance to address 'microaggressions'

“Diversity is Strength: Binghamton’s Microaggression Project” aimed to highlight Binghamton University students’ own run-ins with intolerance from their peers. ...