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2016 Political science, English

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Chabad celebrates traditional Jewish wedding, sans marriage

“My Big Fat Jewish (mock) Wedding,” held by Chabad at Binghamton University every three or four years, introduced students to traditional Jewish culture. ...


Binghamton's got talent at International Night

Binghamton University students didn’t need to study abroad to get a taste of the world. Binghamton’s Got Talent, an internationally-themed performance competition, was held Saturday night in the Mandela Room. Coming in...


Dickinson art show features students

Dickinson Community’s Third Annual Art Gallery showcased Binghamton University students’ creativity while providing a moment of refuge for students, in the form of art therapy workshops. The gallery displays ranged from traditional...


Binghamton University students play minor role in New York State elections

While Election Day shook up the political spectrum in Binghamton and New York, a low student turnout at the Binghamton University polls meant little input from on-campus BU students. ...

Campus News

Binghamton University gets a look at animal cruelty

Peta2, the youth branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), debuted its “Glass Walls” exhibit on a campus field to show students the life of an animal on a ...