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A week before Spring Fling, BSSL hit by resignations

Just one week before Spring Fling, multiple Binghamton Sound, Stage and Lighting (BSSL) E-Board members have publicly announced their resignations, largely in response to a controversial resolution passed in the Student Association...

Campus News

BDS resolution passes

At a raucous, nearly five-hour meeting Tuesday night, the Student Association (SA) Congress, in a momentous vote, passed a resolution expressing the SA’s support for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS). Shortly after midnight,...

Campus News

Religious preacher incites debate, draws student crowd

For the second time this academic year, a religious preacher made inflammatory remarks toward various marginalized groups and engaged in heated debate with students on campus. Arriving Tuesday morning, Daniel Jon Lee,...


Activists rally for Palestine at UDC, demanding University implement BDS

Community and student activists gathered in Downtown Binghamton on Tuesday to protest the continuing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to demand that Binghamton University implement boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on campus....

TEDxBinghamton University 2024

TEDxBinghamton University 2024: Madelyn Fried

Featuring six speakers, TEDxBinghamtonUniversity: Odyssey is centered around “breaking barriers and trailblazing forward toward a new future.” Madelyn Fried, a freshman majoring in integrative neuroscience, has worked to educate others about civics...

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SA E-Board, BU Council Rep. candidates debate ahead of Sunday election

As the race for next year’s Student Association (SA) E-Board race heats up, every candidate took to the debate stage Tuesday night to discuss their visions for the upcoming academic year. Students...

2024 Multicultural Issue

BDR to present Exposé spring showcase

The Black Dance Repertoire (BDR) will perform in “Exposé,” their annual spring showcase on April 26. Founded in 1985, BDR is a multi-racial and ethnic dance group that performs at various campus...

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Dunkin' self-serve kiosk plan delayed

Sodexo and Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) were planning to replace cashiers with self-ordering kiosks at the University Union Dunkin’ over spring break. Now, after product shipping delays, the project is “on...

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Community, campus activists organize Valentine's Day rally for Palestinian liberation, drawing counterprotest

On Valentine’s Day, over 200 community and campus activists came together for a “Free My Palestine” rally on Binghamton University’s Peace Quad. The event was organized by the Binghamton Solidarity Committee, an...

Campus News

At recent basketball game, Zionist Organization led show of solidarity with Omer Neutra

At last Thursday’s men’s basketball game, Binghamton University’s Zionist Organization (BUZO) led a show of solidarity with Omer Neutra, an accepted student who joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during his gap...