As we head into our third week of classes, it may slip students’ minds that we have fully transitioned to living a “new normal” in the age of the coronavirus. Although the year 2020 has felt like an eternity, it was just six months ago that we first felt the effects of the global pandemic, uncertainty looming over us as we packed our bags to drive home to our loved ones. With nothing to do and no one to spend time with in the early stages of the lockdown, many of us turned to the internet as a place of information, connection and solace. Some of us found ourselves baking artisan bread, while others spent their days mastering the newest, most complex TikTok dances. Here is a playlist that will bring you right back to those first days of quarantine.

“The Box” — Roddy Ricch

This number-one Billboard Hot 100 song was catapulted into popularity when several TikTok videos and memes mimicked its production. With its iconic “EHH ERR” sound, this catchy yet ominous song by rapper Roddy Ricch is hard to resist singing along to.

“Like That” — Doja Cat ft. Gucci Mane (Tobee Paik cover)

Doja Cat is widely known as the queen of TikTok songs. Tobee Paik masterfully contrasts Doja’s bubbly and sassy voice by accompanying darker electric guitar chords in his rendition. His cover shows a smooth meshing of two seemingly incompatible, separate musical genres.

“Savage” — Megan Thee Stallion

Houston native Megan Thee Stallion manifests the idea of being a “savage” in her hit song of the same name. The song quickly went viral on TikTok after choreographer Keara Wilson created an original dance, which went on to be recreated thousands of times by other creators on the platform. The “Savage Remix” featuring fellow Houston native Beyoncé was released at the end of April, gifting bored and antsy fans something new to jam to.

“Bored In The House” — Tyga ft. Curtis Roach

This collaboration with Tyga and Curtis Roach is a bouncy track about the highly relatable situation of being in lockdown with nothing to do. Curtis uploaded a 15-second clip of the track on TikTok in early March, teasing the audience with the full track later that month — it has come to be known as the “coronavirus quarantine anthem.”

“Supalonely” — BENEE

“Supalonely” is a whimsical and upbeat song, poking fun of the feeling of being sad post-breakup. Artist BENEE’s soft and mellow vocals pair nicely with the more edgy synth sounds which give the track some flair. Whether it’s for playing in the background while doing some quarantine chores, or blasting it on full volume to dance, this song will bring some cheerful, fun energy to your long days.

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