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On-Campus Events

BU Art Museum hosts scavenger hunt across campus

Nov. 14 marked the final day of the scavenger hunt, created by the Binghamton University Art Museum. The scavenger hunt was announced on the BU Art Museum’s Instagram page on April 11...


The Miskatonic Insitute of Horror Studies: Where academia becomes horrifying

What is horror? More importantly, what is horror as a genre? The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies was founded in an attempt to educate people on the horror genre and provide some...


The significance, evolution of zines in counterculture history

Poetry with illustrations, tiny comic pages, art collages and food recipes sandwiched between political opinions. Self-distributed from your mom’s basement, underground press in your dad’s attic and unofficial fan conventions. Those are...

Off-Campus Events

RoberCon marks its seventh-annual return this weekend online

This week marks the return of RoberCon, Binghamton’s annual convention for everything geek, from comics to fandoms to gaming. Serving as a fundraiser for the Roberson Museum and Science Center ever since...


Quarantine throwback playlist

As we head into our third week of classes, it may slip students’ minds that we have fully transitioned to living a “new normal” in the age of the coronavirus. Although the...


Usage of the word 'townie' shows complex history between BU students, locals

When I told one of my friends that my classmate was from the area, she remarked: “Oh, he’s a townie.” That was the first time I heard the word “townie”, and then...


Q Center hosts fourth-annual Lavender Celebration

The Q Center’s fourth-annual Lavender Celebration took place on Wednesday, May 6 at 3 p.m. through Zoom. The aim of the event was to celebrate graduating students, as well as reflect upon...

Off-Campus Events

Artisan Gallery exhibition meets First Friday in full bloom

The Artisan Gallery brought the spirit of spring into Binghamton with an exhibition inspired by the Philadelphia Flower Show on Friday, March 6 as a part of First Friday. The Artisan Gallery...


Artist spotlight: Five artists share their thoughts before the 2020 Drawing Marathon

As the fifth-annual 24-hour Drawing Marathon approaches, roughly a dozen artists are preparing to sketch a live figure on a life-size canvas at the Binghamton University Art Museum. Given few breaks, they...