Michael Sussman is the Green Party candidate for attorney general of New York. Sussman has been an attorney for more than 35 years and specializes in public interest and civil rights. He holds a law degree from Harvard Law School.

1. Currently, the attorney general’s office is legally fighting several of President Donald Trump’s executive orders. As attorney general, how would you address these ongoing lawsuits?

“I would continue the lawsuits, but I [would] place high priority on extirpating corruption for New York state. [I] believe the duopoly of corruption, engaged in by both parties, is crippling our state and making a mockery of our politics, so I would focus increased energy on restoring state sovereignty and control of our own process. Today, only Trump’s Justice Department is prosecuting New York state corruption.”

2. How has your experience prepared you for the responsibilities of the attorney general?

“I graduated Harvard Law with honors in 1978 and have spent 40 years as a public interest [and] civil rights lawyer with the U.S. Department of Justice and the NAACP. I have run my own law firm for 33 years. I have, by far, the most experience of any candidate [in] handling major cases in such areas as sexual harassment, employment discrimination, voting rights, education law, housing law, criminal law [and] police misconduct cases. I have argued more than 350 appeals and am ready to hit the ground running.”

3. Fighting corruption at the state level is a big concern for citizens across New York during this election cycle. How would you contribute to those efforts as attorney general?

“I am the only candidate who can deal with this issue. My major party opponents are beholden to the corrupt political parties ruining our state. I am independent and have written a campaign finance law, which I will fight to pass. New York’s attorney general does not now have the authority to bring anti-corruption cases and, ironically, must await the governor’s appointment. My election will be an earthquake in state politics and [will] allow me to push for the kind of authority needed.”

4. Why should students and young people across New York vote for you?

“I have seven children, ages 18 to 30. I have loved parenting and I respect young people. [I] understand, I think, your struggles. One of my sons attended Binghamton [University], another [SUNY] Geneseo and one of my daughters went to Alfred. I believe in our rich tradition of public universities and will fight for your rights. I am the only independent candidate mounting a serious campaign, and we cannot move forward without a serious and qualified attorney general.”