Jillian Pizzuto, a junior majoring in Spanish

1. What is your platform?

“My platform includes SA Programming Board improvements, increasing student involvement, advancing promotion and furthering club collaboration. As VPP, I am determined to create a more efficient programming board, raise event attendance, value student input, boost the awareness of shows [and] opportunities and produce even larger, more memorable events. I want the SAPB at Binghamton University to be an organization its students are proud of.”

2. Why did you decide to run for an SA executive board position?

“I decided to run for Vice President for Programming because I knew I had the most experience and tons of ideas to really improve the board. I have had the pleasure of seeing the SAPB under two different VPPs during my time as comedy chair, [observing] how each leader ran the programming board during their time as VPP. I saw what worked and what did not work. Now, I am running to get the position where I will be able to make my ideas a reality.”

3. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected? What issues do you think are most important and need to be solved?

“An issue I am prioritizing is improvements to the SA Programming Board; everything is dependent on the efficiency of our programming board. Another issue I am prioritizing is having the SAPB communicate more with students. The SAPB is just a small handful of students, but I believe we should reflect the population of all students at Binghamton University. I want to hear what as many people as possible have to say — any suggestion, critique or piece of advice, because it will make us better. As VPP, I will work hard to inform the students at Binghamton of not only our memorable events, but all the incredible opportunities we have to offer.”