On March 17, Binghamton University students will vote in six different races to elect the Student Association (SA) E-Board members for the 2020-21 academic year. Undergraduate and graduate students will also vote to elect a student representative for the BU Council.

Pipe Dream is committed to informing the University community on elections, candidates and their platforms. This infographic introduces each candidate through a series of questions asking about their personal interests, candidate platforms and issues they wish to solve.

All information about each position’s responsibilities was provided by Ross Mesnick, chair of the SA Elections and Judiciary Committee and a sophomore majoring in business administration.


The president serves as chief executive officer of the SA and Off Campus College Transport (OCCT), and sits on the board of directors for Harpur’s Ferry. They are the primary advocate for the student body to Binghamton University administrators, and are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the organization as a whole, including training all personnel and managing any other projects that do not fall under the other offices’ responsibilities.

Khaleel James’ Platform

Executive Vice President (EVP)

The executive vice president is the chief operations officer for the SA. They assist organizations with all non-financial aspects of the SA, including chartering new clubs and approving constitutions.

Maggie Koekkoek’s Platform

Vice President for Finance (VPF)

The vice president for finance is the chief financial officer of the SA and Off Campus College Transport (OCCT). They are responsible for training and certifying all club treasurers, setting policies that club treasurers need to follow and developing the SA’s budget, aside from club allocations.

Jacob Eckaus’ Platform

Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)

The vice president for academic affairs is responsible for planning academic programming for the student body and advocating for academic needs to Binghamton University administrators.

Joshua Dorfman’s Platform

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs (VPMA)

The vice president for multicultural affairs keeps in close contact with the SA’s cultural organizations, provides them with support and serves as their primary advocate within the SA and to Binghamton University administrators.

David Hatami’s Platform

Michael Messina’s Platform

Vice President for Programming (VPP)

The vice president for programming oversees the SA Programming Board. They are responsible for organizing Spring Fling, Fall Concert and other activities on campus, bringing in speakers and other events for the student body.

Sophia Cavalluzzi’s Platform

BU Council Student Representative

The BU Council student representative serves as the only student member of the BU Council, Binghamton University’s highest governing body and President Harvey Stenger’s main advisory board. They work closely with the SA and Graduate Student Organization e-boards and are the only student representative elected by the full undergraduate and graduate student bodies. They are tasked with advocating for student issues to Binghamton University administrators.

Dante Turnbull’s Platform

Willa Scolari’s Platform

Editorial: SA E-Board and BU Council representative endorsements