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Campus News

Decker School of Nursing to retire master's advanced practice specialty degrees

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) recently endorsed the doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) as the necessary degree for nurse practitioners, prompting Binghamton University to phase out its master’s advanced...

Campus News

During finals week, professors offer alternative testing formats

As finals week begins, some professors at Binghamton University are ditching the traditional pen-and-paper final exam and are instead administering electronic or take-home tests, marking a growing trend toward alternative examination formats....

Science & Research

'RACE Museum Exhibit' addresses racial disparities, whiteness

In an effort to educate others about racial disparities and whiteness, roughly 40 Binghamton University students presented their projects on racial consciousness at the third annual RACE Museum Exhibit on Tuesday afternoon...

Campus News

SEFA encourages state employees to donate to charity

In an effort to advance community development, Binghamton University faculty members are working toward donating $50,000 to the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA), a state-run charitable solicitation of New York state employees....


Professor gives lecture on environmental sustainability, multilevel governmental cooperation

George Homsy, assistant professor of public administration at Binghamton University, highlighted the importance of multilevel governmental cooperation in environmental sustainability in a lecture on Monday. The talk, titled “From National to Neighborhood,”...