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Campus News

Students and faculty study tattoo ink dangers

Binghamton University students and faculty recently conducted a study on commercial tattoo inks and their potential threats to human health. Assistant Professor of Chemistry John Swierk, in collaboration with the Swierk Group,...

Campus News

Students for Justice in Palestine awarded provisional charter

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) was recently granted a provisional charter by the Binghamton University Student Association (SA). SJP is an activist organization on campus that shares Palestinian culture and history...

Campus News

Commencement to have no mask or vaccination requirement

Binghamton University’s 2022 Commencement ceremony is currently planned to be an event without required masking, COVID-19 testing or vaccination for graduates and guests. As COVID-19 cases began to decrease in Broome County,...

Campus News

BU professor to lead research in Amazon Rainforest

Lindsey Swierk, an assistant research professor of biology at Binghamton University, was recently appointed as associate director of research at the Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies (ACTS). The ACTS is located in...


BU alumni create coffee company

A Kickstarter campaign will soon launch in April for Barinsta, an instant coffee company founded by a group of Binghamton University alumni. Barinsta is a company that specializes in instant coffee products...

Student Association

Financial Literacy for the Youth gets SA charter

A new club, Financial Literacy for the Youth (FLY), was recently approved as a chartered club by the Binghamton University Student Association (SA). The club received its official SA-chartered status on Feb....