Max Samson/Editorial Artist Illustration: Makeup look inspired by the autumnal changes of this season.

With autumn in full swing and the weather dipping lower and lower, we are falling into the classic Binghamton cold faster than some of us may want to admit. However, fall is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup, using more browns and darker lip colors in your everyday looks. For those of you who may not want to go all in just yet, we’ll have some modified versions of the look for you.

Brown-eyed beauty

While summer may be the season of bold eye looks, especially with festival-chic looks that rise to popularity at this time, autumn is the perfect backdrop to tone down your look and appreciate subtle blending. Brown is a great fall color to work with because the neutral shades are easy to work with.

Start with your normal face routine ensuring an even base and skin you feel confident with. Apply the eyeshadow primer all over your eyelids. Blend a medium brown eyeshadow onto your crease and onto the outer third of your lid. For this look, I recommend the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Taking a dark brown color, blend that into the outer corner of both the lid and the crease, ensuring that it is seamlessly blended with the medium tone. Press a shimmer brown color onto your lid. Following this, smudge the medium brown color onto your lower lash line to create definition. Apply a thick coat of mascara to your eyes to finish the smokey look, but if you don’t want to be as bold, you can add a pink lip color to your lips to balance the look out. Use a darker nude color if you want to stand out.

Kisses for fall

This look will leave everyone stunned with how bold and beautiful your lips look. This makeup look is great for the fall because you’re sure to stand out against the leaves falling down.

Like the look above, you want to apply makeup to your skin in the way that makes you feel the most beautiful. For the eyes, you want to keep it on the more simple side to ensure that your lip color is going to be the highlight of the look. Start with using an eyeshadow primer on your lids and then move into a light eyeshadow look. Blend a medium brown eyeshadow into your crease, and then very lightly apply the dark brown eyeshadow to the outer area of your crease. Then, pat a white eyeshadow onto your eyelid and blend all the colors together for a clean finish. Apply one light coat of mascara. Finally, finish the look with a dark purple lipstick that is sure to stand out. I recommend one of the MAC Cosmetics lipsticks, but any will do.

Autumn spirit

The leaves are changing colors and you can match them if you want. With this look, you’ll look beautiful for those Nature Preserve photoshoots.

For this look, you can create a deeper contour than normal — Hoola Bronzer by Benefit is an affordable option to emphasize the hollows of your cheekbones. As you would with all other eye looks, prime your eyes to have a smooth surface. Blend a dark orange shadow into your crease. With a very light hand, apply a dark brown shadow to the outer corner of your lid and the outer corner of the crease, ensuring that only a little bit of product is added. Press the medium orange shadow to your lid. Smudge the deep orange shadow onto your lower lash lid. Apply multiple coats of mascara to your eyes for a full lengthening look. Add the nude lip color to your lips.