In the last few weeks, the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, including in Broome County and New York state, has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. While classes transition to being exclusively online and Gov. Andrew Cuomo enacts policies to enforce social distancing, these uncertain times will mean that we’ll be spending most of our time cooped up at home with minimal interpersonal contact as we do our best to flatten the curve. While it may be easy to feel lonely, isolated, bored and upset over the “regular” semester having such an early end, Pipe Dream has compiled some tips and activities to help you cope in the coming weeks.

Practice mindfulness

COVID-19 has caused many changes to our lives, leaving nearly everyone stressed out. Unplugging from the world, media and technology for a few minutes every day and dedicating that time to practicing mindfulness can go a long way toward putting your nerves at ease. You can accomplish mindfulness through meditation, journaling or taking a bath, as long as you truly allow yourself to unwind, relax and stay grounded.

Board games and card games

While interpersonal contact is discouraged, if you are inevitably trapped indoors with your family or your roommates, a good way to pass time, enjoy each other’s company and bond with one another is through board games and card games. With a wide variety of games available for whatever suits your tastes, you can try out many different, lesser-known games or stick to the classics such as “Poker,” “Monopoly” and “Clue.”


Staying at home for hours on end gives you the perfect opportunity to cook, bake and try new recipes or perfect an old one that you’ve been working on for some time. In our normal lives, we are often so busy running between classes, extracurriculars and jobs that we don’t have enough time to cook up a complete, delicious meal that isn’t instant ramen or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Use this time to branch out and try something new. If you don’t have a cookbook lying around, you can check out websites like Epicurious and to broaden your palette.

Play music

Extra time at home means that you have no excuse not to play the guitar that has been collecting dust in your closet for the past four years. You can get back into the instrument you used to play in your high school band, or even just take the opportunity to listen to new music and expand your taste.


While you may not have access to your regular gym, moving and staying in shape is important. Even if you do not have fancy gym equipment in your dorm or at home, there are countless free workout apps you can use, including PEAR — Personal Fitness Coach, FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans and Workout for Women: Fitness App. Many personal trainers, yoga instructors and other physical fitness professionals have their own YouTube channels that provide home workouts, offering full-body fitness and an opportunity to break up your usual gym routine with something different. You can also try a new activity such as tai chi or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).