If you couldn’t make it to this year’s New York Fashion Week in February, look no further than the Bundy Museum of History and Art to catch up. This Saturday, designer Adrina Dietra will bring her fall 2019 collection to Binghamton in an encore presentation featuring music, fashion and lively performance.

The show, titled “Carnivale,” will feature a showing of Dietra’s collection of intimate apparel, “Bruja!” which premiered at the Harold Pratt House in New York City’s Upper East Side during New York Fashion Week this past February. The event is a collaboration with emerging photographer Alexis Tauterouff, who often collaborates with Dietra on photoshoots. In addition to the fashion show, there will be live performances by fire spinners, contortionists and dancers as well as a minibar and a raffle basket containing more than $50 worth of apothecary goods from thE.Apothecary, Dietra’s skin and health scrub collection.

Dietra said the event would bring the experience of New York Fashion Week to Binghamton.

“[This event will be a] collective of curiosities and performances bring[ing] the show back for anyone that wasn’t able to go down and attend [New York Fashion Week],” Dietra said.

Dietra has hosted pop-up shops and runway shows in the area before, including a mourning attire-themed show at the Bundy Museum last October. For this event, her team has expanded to include 10 models, four performers, a photographer and a sound technician. As she prepares to open her first store in Ithaca, New York, Dietra is working to be the change in her industry and bring fashion to the Binghamton area.

“There’s not too many shows or things of this nature that happen in Binghamton to begin with,” she said. “It would be a really good experience to bring something new.”

Through “Carnivale,” Dietra said she will also be able to give back to her community in a tangible way. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the Bundy Museum, and another 10 percent will go to Truth Pharm, a local nonprofit organization working to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding substance abuse.

Dietra said that she feels especially compelled by the mission of Truth Pharm, as she has witnessed the struggle of substance abuse with people in her own life.

“Both of these establishments … [are] centered to my heart,” she said. “I think to be able to support [these organizations], especially when they are supporting our town, it’s really great to come out and help [out], for even just that reason.”

This event will be held at 7:30 p.m. on April 27 the Bundy Museum Annex Theatre at 129 Main Street, which is located behind the museum. Doors will open at 7 p.m., and tickets will be $10 during the presale and $15 at the door.