Transitioning into college is difficult enough without facing the hardships of a global pandemic, so simply getting to where you are now is something to be immensely proud of. For the new students here at Binghamton University, our staff would like to not only welcome you to the beginning of an incredible part of your lives, but to offer you some potentially helpful advice as well. There are so many clubs to investigate, classes to suffer through with friends and local scenes to explore. Sometimes, it may all feel overwhelming. We’re here for you, and we hope you can learn from our experiences!


Jeremy Rubino, Editor in Chief: ”Schoolwork and extracurricular activities could put a tremendous burden on your mental health at times. Remember to prioritize yourself and set some time aside to de-stress!”

Ariel Kachuro

Ariel Kachuro, Managing Editor: “Be flexible and open to new experiences when it comes to academics, but not the dining hall.”

Kim Gonzalez

Kimberly Gonzalez, News Editor: ”Let go of hate and grudges, try and live with peace and do what makes you happy. In the end, everything is a decision, so choose wisely, but also take risks because they’ll pay off in the end. For some peace on campus, I recommend visiting the Nature Preserve, East Gym pool and the greenhouse.”

Liz Short

Elizabeth Short, Opinions Editor: ”Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make, and time spent developing your passions is never wasted. Don’t be afraid of transformation as you age; you’re only getting closer to being who you need to be.”

Pat Earns

Patrick Earns, Arts and Culture Editor: “Get off campus as much as you can. It’s easy when you’re living in the dorms to forget about the broader Binghamton community, but you’d be missing out on the best of what the area has to offer. Make yourself at home.”

Justin Zion

Justin Zion, Sports Editor: “For many of you this could be your first time away from your home communities. Take advantage and meet people from other backgrounds and places. Don’t be afraid to branch out.”

Jake Kerr

Jacob Kerr, Digital Editor: “Make the most out of your short time here. Choose to stay in Binghamton on the weekends instead of going home and you’ll find yourself with countless memories.”

Sidney Slon

Sidney Slon, Photography Editor: ”Make every memory count, and break up with your girlfriend.”

Sarah Teper

Sarah Teper, Fun Editor: ”Getting involved and finding a sense of community was the best decision I have made at BU. Once things got busy, I started making weekly schedules to make sure that I remained balanced and organized! Best of luck for your first year!”

Jordan Skube

Jordan Skube, Design Manager: ”Don’t be so afraid to talk to new people and join clubs. Most people are nicer than you may think and a lot of them are just as nervous and awkward as you are.”

Jo Myers

Jo Myers, Art Director: ”The worst drawing that you put on paper is better than the best drawing that’s stuck in your head.”

Samantha Agnoli

Samantha Agnoli, Business Manager: “Don’t be afraid to say, ‘Hi!’ to anyone! Everyone’s just as nervous as you are, so be friendly! You may even meet your new best friend this way!”

Christian Mcborrough

Christian Mcborrough, Newsroom Technology Manager: “Focus on keeping up with the workload for your classes, but also try to balance out having fun. College is a great place where you will probably make memories that you’ll cherish for a while, so be sure to make plenty of them!”

Ciara Lavin

Ciara Lavin, Copy Desk Chief: “It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about your freshman year, your classes and who you’ll become. Everyone is in the exact same boat, even upperclassmen — don’t let it consume you!”