Ryan Yarosh, senior director of media and public relations at Binghamton University, graduated with a B.A. in English in 2002 and a MPA in 2009.

1. What was one of your most valuable experiences that you gained from your time at BU?

“I would have to say that my interactions with the faculty at [BU] were extremely valuable. Through their encouragement and support, I was able to gain very valuable experiences in and outside the classroom, which ultimately led me to landing a full-time job prior to graduation. From independent studies to internships, BU’s curriculum gives students the ability to gain experiences outside the classroom. Not only did these opportunities help me to build my resume, but [they] also gave me the confidence and experiences to succeed upon entering the workforce.”

2. How do you feel that BU prepared you for your current position as an employee of the University?

“The English program at [BU] helped me become a strong writer, something I use each and every day. At the same time, [BU]’s public administration program taught me to think critically, creatively and ethically.”

3. How has BU changed since your time here as a student?

“[BU] has grown so much since the time I was a student here. The growth of research opportunities and involvement in the community has been most impressive. From the new Health Sciences Campus in Johnson City to the [University] Downtown Center and Koffman [Southern Tier] Incubator, the University has truly taken the lead in putting the Binghamton region on the map.”

4. Is there anything that you wish would come back or wish current students could experience?

“Fish Friday at the Campus Pub is something I wish everyone had a chance to experience! Also, watching The Roots in the Mandela room play to a crowd of around 50 people was kind of epic.”

5. Why did you choose to return to BU after being a student here, and what is it like to now be an employee?

“After five plus years working in broadcast news, it was time for a change. I explored other markets but truly enjoyed living in Binghamton and the many conveniences it offered. Making the transition from news to public relations was a relatively easy one, so when a job opened up here I jumped at the opportunity. I can honestly say I love coming to work each and every day. Basically, a large part of my job is to tell people about all the great things happening at [BU], and, thanks to amazing students, faculty and staff, that’s a pretty easy gig! I’m constantly impressed by what I learn is happening on this campus and am truly proud when I have the opportunity to tell reporters at major news outlets about those happenings. Also, from a presidential visit to a Nobel Prize winner, I’ve also had the opportunity to be involved in some [historic] events, which I am very thankful for.”

6. What is one thing that you think current BU students and future BU alumni should know?

“When we say that [BU] is a fantastic school which rivals many private ivy institutions, like [Cornell University], but at a fraction of the cost — it’s the truth! I would encourage current and future students to truly explore everything this institution has to offer. Join a club, go for a hike in the Nature Preserve or learn about the many research programs offered. If you simply go to class and complete assignments, you are missing out on so much of the true college experience.”