Joe Tiesi, ‘86, campus visit coordinator and associate director for undergraduate admissions, received a B.A. in history and philosophy from Binghamton University.

1. How do you feel that BU prepared you for your current position as an employee of the University?

“The [BU] way of teaching philosophy is experiential. I double-majored in history and philosophy but remember an internship tutoring high school students that inspired me to want to work with students. I believe that began my pathway to my work in college admissions today.”

2. How has BU changed since your time here as a student? Is there anything that you wish would come back or wish current students could experience?

“To some extent, [BU] has not changed too much in 30 years. We have always been highly respected, provided a top education and have maintained that strong sense of community. [BU] has kept that ‘hometown’ charm that I remember it had when I was a student here many years ago. In another sense, we have changed a lot. Our strong accolades and international presence are impressive. We have benefited from the diversity of culture and talent at [BU] in a way that I don’t think I could have imagined happening all those years ago. I have loved to watch [BU] grow from being a great upstate New York SUNY campus in the 1980s to becoming a major, top-tier research institution with such solid national and international recognition while still keeping our identity and that strong sense of community.”

3. Why did you choose to return to BU after being a student here, and what is it like to now be an employee?

“I was thrilled to be hired in admissions in 2007. My perspective on where we were as a campus, where we are going and what that can mean for you, is a message I love to share with prospective students.”

4. What is one thing that you think current BU students and future BU alumni should know?

“The most powerful takeaway advice I can give is to not be shy. Grow your network of friends, alumni contacts, get to know your teachers and the work that they do. The relationships and connections we make at [BU] in addition to learning your craft will inspire you along your pathway. You may be surprised at where that journey will take you.”