Binghamton University’s campus is constantly growing and changing. As such, students should be aware of the numerous active construction projects that are on campus.

Due to new policies in response to the coronavirus, several of these projects may experience delays. Although construction is continuing this summer since the projects are deemed “essential” by the New York State Office of the Governor, there is a reduced worker size, according to Karen Fennie, the communications specialist for BU’s Physical Facilities.

“We expect there will be delays in completion dates regarding some projects and we will share that info once we have it,” Fennie wrote in an email.

With that in mind, past reported dates for the completion of construction may not be accurate.

In Hinman College, there are two ongoing renovation projects for the Hinman College Dining Hall and Cleveland Hall. According to Physical Facilities, the dining hall will have three additional floors featuring new lounges while Cleveland Hall will feature upgrades to its lighting and elevator, as well as the installation of Hinman College’s first air conditioning system. These buildings will remain closed until construction is completed which is projected to be August 2021 for Hinman College Dining Hall and January 2021 for Cleveland Hall.

Several academic buildings are under renovation as well, including the Engineering Building and Science II. After beginning in Summer 2019, the Engineering Building’s renovation will bring updated offices and classrooms. In a similar case, renovations of the Science II tower will reopen and introduce new classrooms and laboratories for undergraduate use as well as new exterior paneling. The projected completion date for the Engineering Building is summer 2020 while Science II construction will finish a little later in fall 2020.

Construction projects still set to begin include the renovation of the Glenn G. Bartle Library’s third floor, projected to start in 2021 with a four- to five-year projection for completion. According to Physical Facilities, the renovations will include the installation of new flooring, ceiling and lighting. Systems for energy usage will also be updated.

Originally set to begin in February, the construction of a new baseball stadium complex is still forthcoming. The stadium’s construction will be funded by an anonymous alumni family’s $60 million donation, announced in February 2019. The plans highlighted a new stadium, batting cages and athletic training rooms. After revising designs due to an initially high construction bid, the project was successfully bid, but work on it has yet to begin according to Ryan Yarosh, director of media and public relations for BU.

“The first bid for baseball came in high and was rejected but the project has now been successfully bid,” Yarosh wrote in an email. “We are waiting on word from Albany about when work might begin.”