In fair Delaware, where we lay our scene

FRIDAY, Sept. 6, 7:02 a.m. — Officers responded to a call from Delaware Hall of Newing College where an 18-year-old male student, who had gained entrance to the resident building of a female he had seen that night at a party, was knocking on her door to try to talk to her. The resident would not let him in and repeatedly told him she did not want to speak with him. The male then sat in the hall outside her door. Residential Life staff asked him to leave, and when he refused, the area residential coordinator called UPD. An officer questioned the male, who said he wanted to talk to his girlfriend, but she was refusing to talk to him. The officer said that because he did not live in the building, he needed to vacate or would be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. At that point, he complied and left the building. The officer then returned and spoke with the female, who said the male outside her door was not her boyfriend and was just an acquaintance. He had shown up at approximately 5 a.m. and sat outside her door for two hours.

Ah, smoke!

SATURDAY, Sept. 7, 5:32 p.m. — Officers responded to Bingham Hall of Newing College for a fire alarm. Upon arriving, officers could smell the odor of something burning and could see smoke. They knocked on the door of the room where the fire alarm had originated and received no response, so they let themselves into the room and observed a small fire on the desk. The officers retrieved the fire extinguisher from down the hall and were able to put out the fire before the fire department arrived. After questioning the room’s residents, they discovered that one of the residents had lit a candle that proceeded to light her nearby handbag, as well as the box of tissues the handbag was on. Officers also found a number of fire code violations within the room, including a toaster oven, a tri-plug adapter and several extension cords that were being improperly used. After the fire was put out, the officers ventilated the room and reset the alarm.

Wait, that’s my smoke!

SATURDAY, Sept. 7, 5:32 p.m. — While responding to the fire alarm in Bingham Hall of Newing College and putting out the small fire, officers observed several bags of marijuana, a pink glass bong, a silver grinder and a prescription for amphetamine salts in a mislabeled bottle on the desk where the fire had occurred. After the residents returned, the officers spoke to the room residents and a 19-year-old female suspect, to whom the desk belonged, claimed ownership of all the drug paraphernalia. She was issued a warning for the amphetamine salts, charged for unlawful possession of marijuana and issued an appearance ticket for Vestal Town Court.

E-Z pass

SATURDAY, Sept. 7, 8:45 p.m. — While on patrol, a UPD officer observed that the arm on the gate to the paid visitors parking lot was on the ground. Upon checking security footage from the area, he observed a 21-year-old male suspect had pushed the gate arm up, and a 21-year-old female suspect drove a vehicle out of the lot without paying. When the male suspect pushed the gate arm up, it broke when self-adjusting on the way down. Through the course of the investigation, the officer was able to identify and make contact with the registered owner of the vehicle, a Binghamton University student. She said the male that had pushed open the gate was an unaffiliated friend who was visiting from out of town. Both were charged with criminal mischief and theft of services. They will appear in Vestal Town Court.