Tiffany Dun

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Tips to combat plastic waste on campus

One of the main issues in today’s society is how our waste is affecting the future of our environment. Today, swirling soups of plastic fill our oceans in large systems of moving...


Continuing the fight for transgender people's rights

Is sex binary? A few years ago, I would’ve said yes. But here’s why my opinion changed, and why yours should, too. With the turn of the new century, people are becoming...

On-Campus Events

Students horse around the Events Center for charity

The horses lined up along the starting line. Families, children and local businesses sat on the edge of their seats, waiting for the race to begin. The air was tense and the...


Having fewer possessions can be more fulfilling

Four years ago, I did something crazy — I packed up two suitcases and moved halfway across the entire globe, from Melbourne, Australia, to upstate New York. Whether willingly or not, I...


Recognizing the impact of addictive phone usage

I checked my battery usage the other day and came across something interesting. Apparently, there’s a function on iPhones called Screen Time where you can see how much time you’ve spent on...

Restaurant Week Fall 2018

Dos Rios turns up the heat with Restaurant Week options

Stomach rumbling, I stepped through the doors of Dos Rios Cantina to the welcoming aroma of sizzling Mexican spices. While I was expecting a somewhat upscale Chipotle, what I received was something...