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Jesca Hoop offers honest take on love in new release

It can sometimes be a curse for an artist if their style and direction aren’t easily pinned down to one genre, but Jesca Hoop is triumphantly and unapologetically an artistic mutt. On...


Inebriation for the inauguration

Play along to Pipe Dream’s drinking game — alone or with friends — while watching Trump officially become president. To begin, take a sip of your drink of choice. ...


Childish Gambino shakes it up on newest album

This truly is a bold and unique project; nobody asked or expected for a futuristic remix of soul sounding like it came from a strung-out madman, and yet we got one. ...


Snack smarter: healthy food for thought

When some typically think of sweet nighttime snacks, sugary candies or ice cream comes to mind. Unfortunately for those eating mindfully, milkshakes are a rare treat, as it’s often hard to squeeze ...


Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' delivers new sound

This is where Ocean excels; he can have you heartbroken and helpless through his own experiences and failings, belted out in his distinctive voice. ...


Drake shares his 'VIEWS' on new album

Fans of Drake can expect much of the same crisp production and eclectic style featured on past projects — a cornucopia of hi-hats and thunderous bass claps peppered with Drake’s own version ...


Make your pregame eco-friendly

For reducing our plastic shot glass use, there is an easy answer: ice cube shots. ...


Plug into Pipe Dream's trippy, feel-good playlist

Drugs can be dangerous and expensive, but music is safe — and all you need is a Spotify account. Here are some songs for those who want the reward without risk. ...