Sean Morton

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Police officers still deserve our respect

A few weeks ago, I saw a video on Twitter depicting two NYPD officers being relentlessly pelted with water and jeered at by citizens at point-blank while making an arrest in Harlem....


The consequences of using THC wax pens are still unknown

I want to bring a relatively new contender to the realm of weed use into light: the infamous dab pen. Small, discreet and virtually odorless after a few minutes pass, dab or...


Why do we inconsistently condemn racism?

We are part of an era that has been undeniably cracking down on social issues concerning race, gender and sexuality more than ever before. While steps are clearly being taken in the...


Record labels can hinder artists' success

The record label-artist rivalry is a tale as old as time. Disputes between labels and their artists have existed ever since music production became a field of profession. Johnny Cash and Columbia...


Adderall is not a long-term solution for ADD

I grew up under the misconception that the technology and knowledge in our day and age was limitless, short of time travel and curing cancer. It was this utopian perception of our...


Students should be aware of marijuana's negative effects on developing brains

In recent years, the image of marijuana has undeniably shifted under a more positive light, as its legalization for medical and recreational use has begun to surface throughout the country. Its decriminalization...