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(Red) campaign is an effective way to raise money for charity

When I was looking into getting a new iPhone last year, I noticed that for the first time, Apple was offering red iPhones. I thought the color was cool and soon realized...


Is online shopping better than traditional shopping?

I am much more of a Cyber Monday person than a Black Friday shopper. The mob scene of Black Friday, with stories of people tackling each other over the last iPhone or...

Advice Column

Dear Sophia: December 3, 2018

Assignment anxiety Dear Sophia, I am so stressed about finals. I have 15 assignments due in the next two weeks! I’ve been staying up all hours of the night trying to get...


Students should be wary of how much coffee they consume

I started drinking coffee in my senior year of high school. When it’s past midnight and you still need to read 20 pages of your Advanced Placement biology textbook and don’t quite...


Foreign languages should be taught at a younger age

Learning a foreign language is challenging. I have been taking Spanish for almost six years now, and I seem to have hit a wall. It seems that no matter how many Spanish...


Genocide must be spoken about, not ignored

I am currently taking a genocide prevention class here at Binghamton University. During the first week of classes, my professor asked us if we knew what was currently happening in Myanmar, to...