Susan Lamb

Assistant News Editor (Alumna)

2012 English

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Grant funds research in multiple disciplines

Binghamton University's Division of Research is now taking applications for its Interdisciplinary Collaboration Grants (ICG) Program, which provides selected projects as much as $10,000 to support research that crosses academic disciplinary boundaries. ...


Fracking investigation finds toxic emissions at drill sites

There is new evidence that hydraulic fracturing poses a threat to air quality. ...


Local leaders aim for $40M package

The Southern Tier Economic Development Council presented its strategic five-year plan in Albany yesterday. ...


University, tech company join up for defense work

Binghamton University has partnered with Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. to form the Binghamton Center for Emerging Technologies, a not-for-profit corporation that works with several partners to make advanced electronic products that have ...


University puts deer in the crosshairs

The Binghamton University administration is considering options to control the campus deer population that include culling, or selectively killing, the deer beginning this winter break. ...


White House looks to ease student loan debt

 President Barack Obama unveiled new programs for college students to consolidate loans and reduce interest rates that will begin in 2012. ...


Newing loses Internet, cable TV for 7 hours

Newing College lost wireless Internet, cable TV and fire alarms' connections to police and fire departments for seven hours yesterday after a construction crew accidentally severed a fiber optic cable. ...


Sex educator urges openness

Jay Friedman, a sex educator, gave a lecture to about 125 people at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Mandela Room of the Old University Union. ...


Dean's Speaker advocates for Afghan women

Huma Amed-Ghosh, a professor at San Diego State University, lectured on the plight of women in Afghanistan last Friday to kick off the 2011-12 Harpur College Dean's Speakers Series. ...


Caldicott, anti-nuclear activist, lectures on campus

Helen Caldicott, an environmental activist, spoke at Binghamton University about the dangers of nuclear energy and natural gas extraction. ...