Sarah Molano

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Acknowledging mental health in activism

If you’ve followed my columns, it’s clear that activism is important to me. However, something is often forgotten in this ongoing fight for social justice — caring for our mental health. Of...


Recognizing misogyny in alternative music

Unfortunately, music and misogyny often go hand in hand; many revered musical figures have ugly histories of domestic violence and sexual assault, or the content of their songs contain misogynistic ideas, or...


Recognizing our impact on the community

Every weekend — and weekday, if you’re into that — Binghamton University students swarm Downtown Binghamton. We go to bars, we spend money on a midnight slice of pizza, but most of...


Why do we devalue our teachers?

If you’re majoring in a subject that falls under the humanities, like English or history, you’ve probably heard the familiar jeer: “Oh, so you’re going to be a teacher?” The question would...


Understanding the historical neglect of Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, it’s apparent to me that many U.S. citizens don’t know much about the island of Puerto Rico. Facebook conversations and supportive posts still lack the historical...