PRISM is back! Welcome to our February issue. Of course, we celebrated Black History Month these past 28 days. I hope everyone used this month to further educate themselves on the contributions, stories and struggles of Black people in this country. There was no shortage of Black History Month events going on at Binghamton University, and I expect that you all took advantage of that. I know a lot of the multicultural organizations on campus put in hours upon hours of work to put some of those events together. We see you and appreciate everything you do.

If you’ve paid any attention these last couple of weeks, a lot has gone on in the Binghamton community regarding people of color. Most notably, the East Middle School incident, in which four 12-year-old Black girls were allegedly strip-searched at school, was incredibly disturbing. Everyone at PRISM hopes that the girls and their families get the justice they deserve, and that school officials are held accountable. In the face of this heinous act, though, I saw the community truly band together. I witnessed hundreds of people stand in solidarity with the girls, while thousands of people across the country voiced their support.

This month’s content honors Black History Month with a couple of different pieces. We feature a list of 10 notable Black figures, a discussion on the under-reported plight of Black immigrants and a spotlight on the Black Student Union’s nonstop work this month. On the cover is Prince Wireko, a senior double-majoring in graphic design and Africana studies whose “Legacy” series is featured for Black History Month. And what’s Black history without Black music? Check out our dancehall playlist that’s sure to get you moving.

As usual, PRISM also includes its share of reviews for the month. We take a look at Boogie’s new album “Everything’s For Sale,” the new Netflix series “Siempre Bruja” and the experimental documentary film “El Mar La Mar.”

We preview the upcoming Mainstage production of “Baltimore,” which examines racism on college campuses. From what I gathered, it’s going to be extremely relatable and relevant to our own campus, and I personally can’t wait to see it.

This issue is also the PRISM debut for many writers! Among these pieces are a spotlight on new student group Decol A’s project “Through The Looking Glass: Remember At Least One Name,” a discussion on non-Spanish speaking Hispanic people and a piece drawing out the similarities between gentrification and imperialism. I’m so excited to be showcasing the voices of so many new contributors.

Our February issue has a little something for everyone, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Stay warm, BU, and hopefully the sun will be out the next time you’re reading my letter.