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Organic food is a better, but much more expensive option

If you’ve been to a grocery store in the past few years, you’ve probably heard of organically produced food. Organic food, once confined to small health food stores run by gleefully high...


The U.S. government plays a powerful role in the spread of pseudoscience

The American public’s mistrust in the principles of science has seen a large resurgence in recent years. The belief in pseudoscientific assumptions, those not tested in concordance with scientific theory, has been...


Blue books have no place in modern universities

Blue books are common testing utensils used to provide standardization to written exams, but they lack good incentive for their use and take more time for effective grading. Although some professors and...

Housing Issue

Reading your lease is the best way to protect yourself from a housing nightmare

It was late on a Tuesday night last year when the bright light of my TV helped me open my eyes to a housing horror. A very loud knocking had awoken me,...