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2014 English


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'Rent,' the mainstage musical of the semester, is here

Audiences can expect a wonderful night of high energy and musical euphoria. ...


Get wasted with these themed holiday drinks

Whether you’re looking for a spooky shot, creepy cocktail or phantom punch, there’s a Halloween drink for everyone this season. ...


'Don't Dress for Dinner,' but definitely watch this play

Suppose your wife suspects you’re having an affair. To calm her down, you make your best friend take the fall. For the theatre department’s first Mainstage production of the academic year, “Don’t ...

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Hinman Production Company lets the sunshine in

“Hair” tells the story of a “tribe” of friends fighting against government ideals during the Vietnam War. ...

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Preview: Out of the Frying Pan

It promises to go above and beyond what one is used to seeing from the club because of the time and dedication the actors and directors have put into the preparations ...

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Preview: Problem Child

“Problem Child” is not only an entertaining comedy that pulls at your heartstrings, but also stands out because of its heavier issues. ...

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Hairspray Comes to Watters Theater

Binghamton University just can’t stop the beat of the 25 talented triple threats (acting, singing and dancing) who are storming the Watters Theater stage for the theater department’s annual Mainstage musical. ...

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Theater Department Main Stage presents "Mauritius"

On Oct. 19, the Binghamton University theater department commences the Mainstage production season with “Mauritius.” ...

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Picasso and Einstein Come to Campus

Only at the Dickinson Community Players performance of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” can Binghamton University students easily see Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Steve Martin come together for a combination of ...

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A cappella with new directions

Binghamton Glee Club may be new, but mark our words, they will serenade us all. ...