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Recognizing the pros of psychedelic use

This holiday season, instead of celebrating with marijuana on 4/20, take some LSD in honor of Bicycle Day on 4/19 — the first-ever trip on LSD. The chemist who first synthesized lysergic...


Real environmentalists are vegan

There are too many fraudulent environmentalists in this country proclaiming their noble pursuit of caring for the planet, but not actually succeeding in doing so. The environmental movement has rightly focused on...


Addressing the misconceptions about plant-based diets

Nutritional interrogation is frequent among us vegans, but rare among the carnivores of the world. The constant questioning feels hostile, even if asked out of curiosity. Consistent onslaughts have driven me to...

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Hallucinogens should not be classified as Schedule I drugs

Many of us pledged to “just say no” to drugs in the D.A.R.E. program during our primary education years. We were brainwashed into thinking all drugs — and all people who use...

Guest Columns

BU should reopen on-campus pub

Have you ever been stranded in Downtown Binghamton on the weekends, forced to somehow travel the four miles back to campus at 3 a.m.? Have you ever had to pay money to...