Nicolette Cavallro

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BU’s new sexual assault and harassment policies fall short

Finally, Binghamton University has started up again. Although we are still at the tail end of the coronavirus pandemic, I along with thousands of other students are grateful to be back on...


College is your chance to be who you’ve always wanted to be

When I was growing up, the idea of college was just a futuristic fantasy world that I read about in cheesy young adult novels about coming of age and romance. I saw...


Cancelling clubs and activities can be harmful to students

Everyone can admit it — these last few days have felt like a science fiction apocalypse, with schools dropping like flies and states of emergency being announced in different cities on a...


Universities need to take student surveys more seriously

Every April and November, students across the Binghamton University community switch between tabs of BU Brain, and College Scheduler, frantically picking professors for their next-semester classes. In the days that follow,...