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Invest in relationships, the people in our lives matter most

Like anything, you’ll get out of Binghamton what you choose to invest. I’ve chosen to give my all, often sacrificing sleep and my health along the way. And I don’t regret it ...


Gather ye rosebuds, not ye Netflix

We can admit to being scared and uncertain. I’m scared. I’m scared to leave a comfortable environment. In a weird way I grew up here. And now I’m forced to leave. ...


Response Column: Online classes are hardly an education

An online chat room cannot replicate the experience of participating in a Socratic dialogue in the flesh with a professor and other students sitting in the same room as you. ...


Barbie wants you to feel bad about yourself

The SI swimsuit issue tells women how they ought to look and consequently, how they ought to feel about themselves for not looking that way. You don’t need to be a women, ...


A year in review from Opinion Editor Michael Snow

A central piece in fulfilling our aspiration to be the voice of the student body involves you, the reader. ...


Meditations on senior year

At its start, college felt like Walmart; I thought it would go on forever. Three weeks into my senior year, how little time I have left as an undergraduate has hit me ...


Find yourself in college and you've found a treasure

You’ll find your groove. And if you don’t know what that means yet, that’s more than ok. Because the thing about college is, you can be whoever you want to be. ...


Embrace the personal pronoun, write from a place of "I"

College writing suffers from strict adherence to high school rules. ...


Sports salaries are too damn high!

A-Rod is making $275 million over 10 years. What's the deal? ...


Rational reasons for NYSUNY 2020

Racial issues shouldn't outweigh the financial benefits ...