Madison Stolarski

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Halle Bailey's casting as The Little Mermaid should inspire more representation

Halle Bailey, an African-American singer and actress, is starring as Ariel in Disney’s live action remake of the timeless classic “The Little Mermaid.” Previous animations portrayed the mermaid as white with fire...

Music Issue 2022

Music Issue: The Droogz

Punk band The Droogz is perfectly imperfect. The foursome’s nonchalant attitude may be the secret to their success. Dawson Burlingame, guitarist, and Quinn Diehl, drummer, both played in a jazz band at...


Academy Awards need to diversify

The Academy Awards’ history of overlooking diverse representation is on a slow path to change. The 2022 awards season left fans pleasantly surprised by the increased recognition across all awards. Winners like...


Everyone should work in customer service once in their lives

Teenagers and young adults are motivated to work by the idea of having access to their own money which they earned themselves. It is a part of the normal stages of growing...


"Euphoria's" dark, thematic content is important representation

A controversial group of teenagers, all arguably on a journey of self-discovery — their stories cross paths in the hit HBO Max series “Euphoria.” A new representation of the self-destructive pathways teens...