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When left untreated, mental health in college will not improve on its own

The public image of American college culture has long been one of hedonistic legends; from movies like “Animal House” and “Pitch Perfect,” to websites like College Confidential, the media we consume is...


A liberal arts education is essential — especially for those in the sciences

While waiting in line for my stir-fry to be cooked, I overheard a conversation between two undergraduate students, one of whom is in the School of Management (SOM). She was telling her...


BU students should confront their prejudices against local residents

My first hint of the on-campus attitude toward those who live in Vestal and Binghamton was when one of the student volunteers at my college orientation, in an attempt to emphasize the...

Off-Campus Events

'A Night of Drag' unites generations of drag queens

The phrase “drag show” likely inspires visions of performers strutting around a grand stage doused in glitter and shimmering under the swirl of multicolored spotlights, a vision that may not translate neatly...


The student-professor relationship should be open but remain objective

In late September, a professor in the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences delivered her Engineering Design Division 103: Engineering Communications I students an extra credit assignment: writing a formal letter...


Binghamton University isn't just a premier public Ivy

Other than the throngs of people in the Events Center, I remember very little about this year’s Binghamton University Admitted Students Open House. I do, however, distinctly remember a moment where I...