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Campus News

BU students consider benefits, consequences of pass or fail grading option

As students and faculty experience a transition to online courses and a change in routine, some schools, including Binghamton University, may be modifying their grading guidelines for the semester. Amid closures and...


Local startup company aims to connect with University community

A startup sales company called Bandalier, located in Binghamton, may provide an opportunity for Binghamton University students looking to get involved in entrepreneurship. Bandalier began and still operates as an in-house startup...

Off-Campus News

Gov. Cuomo expands Excelsior Scholarship

More New York state students may receive college tuition help based on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent proposal to expand the Excelsior Scholarship. The proposal was announced during Cuomo’s 2020 State of the...

Campus News

Die-in protest calls for greater transparency of BU funds

Bodies were scattered across the Binghamton University Spine on Thursday as students participated in a die-in. At the die-in, which was organized by DIVEST BING, student pretended to be dead in protest...

Campus News

Students fail to turn out for fall concert

Student attendance at Thursday’s fall concert was noticeably low, with most of the Events Center left empty. According to Joseph Gallagher, an investigator with Binghamton’s New York State University Police, the department...


Nicaraguan prosecutors present evidence, law enforcement officials testify on second day of Haley Anderson murder trial

In a day of trial on Friday that left several of Haley Anderson’s family and friends in tears, Nicaraguan prosecutors presented physical evidence from her murder case and and focused on testimonies...

Campus News

BU to survey students on tobacco-free policy

Depending on the results of a new survey designed to evaluate campus feedback to the Binghamton University’s Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative, the current policy may be going up in smoke. The survey, which...

Campus News

BU student uses crowdfunding to help pay tuition

There are many different ways students go about paying for their education, including applying for loans and scholarships or working jobs throughout high school. But for Omaya Shahata, a freshman majoring in...


Binghamton citizens rally to raise awareness on high prescription drug prices

As thousands of activists across the country gathered for the “People Over Pharma Profits” National Day of Action, local health care advocates and patients held a press conference and protest in Downtown...


Department of Transportation announces $1.1M project to create sidewalk system along Vestal Parkway

Students and residents alike can soon expect new sidewalks along Vestal Parkway. This past week, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) announced plans to begin a $1.1 million project that...