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The wicked world of "Oz"

Oz is a fairy country where books and lunch boxes can grow on trees, animals can talk and magic is everywhere. ...

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This Spring Break, take a vacation to "Bates Motel"

The new series produced for A&E Network by the redoubtable Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and Kerry Ehrin (“Friday Night Lights”) will follow young Norman Bates and his mother Norma as they move into ...

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Oscars 2013 in retrospect

A year of extraordinary accomplishments and fierce competition in film climaxed with the most anticipated evening of the year: the 85th Academy Awards. This year, the producers tried to infuse the crowd-pleasing...

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Our take on the real Harlem Shake

The “Harlem Shake,” the viral craze that has swept the nation, has attracted passionate followers as well as confused spectators. With such excited and perplexed voices chiming in on the conversation, it...

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Music's biggest night out: The 2013 Grammys

It was music’s biggest night once again, with awards up for grabs after Adele’s record-breaking six wins last year. With new artists and fierce competition, it was an evening of over-the-top performances...

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Awards season in full swing

The Golden Globes, which reward excellence in television and film, shed light on the terrific works debuted in 2012. ...

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"Girl Meets World" to resurrect old franchise

While many fans are eager for GMW to premiere, there are definitely there are a dubious many who fear that the show will not be able to maintain the hilarity and authentic ...

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A galaxy of stars at 12/12/12 concert

In this six-hour mega-concert, the stars aligned as celebrities and music icons teamed up to raise money for the Robin Hood Relief Fund, all proceeds going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. ...

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Surviving Your Favorite TV Show's Haitus

Many people are plagued by a frequent and long hiatus taken by their favorite TV program during the holidays. If anyone has a friend suffering from this affliction, show some compassion by ...

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American Horror Story: The Smartest Scary show on TV

What better way to ring in Halloween — the most fright-filled night of the year — than with a good ol’ horror story? An “American Horror Story,” that is. ...